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If you want to increase your real followers in a short period of time, top follow can save you time and process. Gaining followers on Instagram is a hard and long-term process, but have you ever tried Top Follow APK?

Instagram users going to cross 2 billion and you are one of them. But do you have the same number of followers and engagement as your colleagues, friends, or competitors?

Instagram is already popular due to its various benefits. Gaining followers and engagement using top follow APK is the best and most straightforward way.

Instagram is not just a place for having fun and chatting with someone else. It’s a hub for connecting with celebrities, brands, and everyone else in between.

But why is someone getting huge followers and others are facing it very hard to make the same impact? Using Top Follow APK to get followers and engagement is the best and most straightforward way.

Want to make money from Instagram, you will need followers, want to do business, you will need followers. So, whatever, you want to do, when you don’t have the right number of followers, you can’t achieve much.

Making money, doing business, and increasing profile and post engagement all require followers. However, Top Follow APK is different.

Your daily activities on Instagram like posting videos, and images and doing chat will be the same as it was. Still, your followers and engagement ratio will be much higher.

All the followers you gain using Top Follow are genuine, real, and will engage with your every day to day posts. You can follow many ways to increase your followers, but top follow APK is the best one and is gaining popularity rapidly.

If you are still in a confusion, check out the popular features that top follow APK allows but your standard Instagram can’t offer.

What is Top Follow APK?

Top Follow APK is coin coin-based app that helps you to grow your Instagram followers organically. By following other people’s profiles and following the app’s suggestions you earn coins.

These coins help you to increase followers or you can buy coins from different websites. This is one of the easiest ways to gain followers.

Just downloading and signing up for this app will give your profile an instant boost. Is’t this process quick?

Top Follow APK has its own algorithm that guarantees to increase followers, so there is no waiting period. Without the top follow app, going from nobody to somebody is time-consuming and hard.

You have follower and profile engagement to make your Instagarm money journey easy. Today your social presence depends on your social media followers.

Also, people are judged by the size of their followers. You are increasing your followers using top follow and other Instagram users have also started following you just watching the number of followers you have.

Topfollow provides different types of activities to follow. After completing every activity, you get coins that allow you to increase your followers more and more.

Someone is working hard to get followers but you are getting insane results just by following topfollow suggestions. It’s your choice what will you do.

But as I told you earlier, going from nobody to somebody is hard, and hopefully now know it’s not hard that people aren’t talking about.

Because nobody wants you to grow. If you want to grow, you have to find the way or you can give up. This app is free to use and comes with followers increased coins so why not give it a try to increase online presence?

Attractive features of the Top Follow APK

This app is a growth medicine for Instagram followers. It’s time to uncover advanced features that make topfollow stand alone.

Free Instagram followers

After downloading and signing up you can use topfollow. Just using a simple button your followers will be increased suddenly. The reason is very simple.

The structure of the algorithm of topfollow is designed to solve your follower’s issues. This app promotes your profile and posts worldwide for free and you get your followers.

Getting followers in no time with the help of topfollow is the main feature of this app. Don’t need to worry about fake followers and comments, because every follower and engagement you will get from this app is genuine.

Multilingual support

Commenting and replying to comments help us to improve our relationship with the conversation.

It can be scary when you don’t know the language your follower or your chat partner is using. I am from Liberia and I don’t know Spanish.

So, if a follower in Mexico comments on my post I need to convert that into English if he/she comments in Spanish. But what about other languages French, Arabic, Portuguese, or others?

On topfollow, you can translate any language to your preferred language. Your problem with understanding language is solved.

Manage multiple accounts

Managing multiple accounts without remembering passwords and IDs is another great feature of topfollow. For the same feature, maybe you are using a dual-app feature.

The feature you are using makes your phone busier and takes up a lot of space. Taking space is not a big issue, as every phone are coming with huge storage.

But what about the phone’s background activities that make your phone bad day by day? Ok, no problem with these two problem but how many accounts do you can manage?

Shortly, not much. When your account number is long and you don’t want any extra app then use the top follow APK that will give you multiple accounts managing features.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a business profile, individual, or something else.

Get likes and comments

This is a built-in feature of topfollow. Your feature can be used for those who are not getting enough likes and comments. Ai-based system and coin-based combination make this new feature to get your desired likes and comments.

Along with this, your engagement ratio will be the same. But not before as your Instagram was. This means your likes, comments, and followers follow will be the same as you are getting after the topfollow installation.

This all depends on how you use this app.

Increase daily limits

There is no limitation to use this app. The standard app that you have used has multiple restrictions and limits.

To push your limits where you get more and more followers topfollow increased daily limits is only for you. When you don’t have limits, your daily tasks, and followers will increase rapidly.

This way, you can earn more coins to push your limits. I know some topfollow users who are getting more than 10k followers per day using this simple app.

If you wish to go with them, this app can help you. Not only this, but all the restrictions and limits will be vanished.

Unlimited coins

I don’t know which topfollow app you are using currently. But if you get the app from our website, you will unlimited coins.

And I have told you multiple times about the advantages of coins. We are also planning to manage promo codes to remove all the limitations that you guys are facing with coins.

However, the current version is a complete pack for unlimited coins. To get unlimited coins you just need to complete all the suggestions that you will get from our app.

If you find this feature is not working, just wait, turn on/off airplane mode then open top follow again. The feature of getting unlimited coins will be there.

Exchange coins for followers

Every single coin you earn from topfollow APK can be converted into followers. Yeah, you have read this line correctly.

What you need to do is, just follow the process and earn coins. Then your earned coins convert into followers. Isn’t it a cool feature?

Where someone is struggling to find out how to get followers, there you are using topfollow and getting coins and increasing followers. Don’t skip this opportunity.

Expand your business

After converting individual profiles into business profiles all the business tools that Instagram offers will be enabled. But are they enough for business?

If yes, then why someone is irritated with limits and restrictions? To check your business profile overview, at least you need 100 followers.

And without these 100 followers, you can’t check your profile and followers’ growth status. Here is the kick, after logging topfollow, you will get an instant boost with followers.

So, your 100 followers problem will be solved in no time. Then why are you waiting for? From our website get topfollow app and start expanding your business.

Free to download and use

There are so many popular apps. Some of them are free and some of them ask for money. But the hundreds of apps that are claimed to give you all the features that we are discussing here, are mostly fake.

If you wish to use topfollow without paying a penny, use our website. The app you get from our website is free to use.

Followers to commenting all the features are free and you will also get unlimited coins that you already know. Take action and use free of cost with unlimited coins.

Premium access

Topfollow offers different advanced premium access that your normal Instagram can’t give you. Unlock all your potential and go beyond.

All the benefits you are getting from this app are exclusive. Some tool that only comes with topfollow will allow you to make your online presence stronger.

When you standard Instagram you can only imagine all these premium features. To know more about premium features, keep reading you will get some more advanced features below.

Instant account login and fast service

You don’t need a new account to use topfollow. You can use your old account for this to instantly log in.

Don’t worry about your password and ID protection. Everything will be safe and secure. But what about fast services?

As compared to other applications this APK gives you faster service. Your 10K followers journey can be completed in just one click where you will be asked for the right amount of coins.

And this can be so easy because you know this APK will give you unlimited coin opportunities. Fast service fulfills your dream with 0 to 1M followers shortly.

Customization options

Most Instagram user don’t think about this feature where you can customize their Instagram as they wish. Theme to fonts everything you can change.

Where normal Instagram only gives you dark and light theme options, on topfollow you can choose your desired theme in one tap.

Using default customizations will not give you the satisfaction that this APK will give you. Your default chat look is awful but you want to change a particular chat where your loved ones are live.

By using topfollow you can change your special chat. On the other hand, fully-packed fonts which are related to Google fonts are for you that you can use to recreate your writing style.

Ad free interface

When it comes to using Instagram, Ads are a real irritation. What if you can block all the ads that are distracting to enjoy reels and stories? Sure, you can do this when you have topfollow.

No matter which profile or reels you are watching, every single ad will be blocked by default. So, your Instagram reels and stories watch time will not be distracted.

What does this feature sound like? Most time, ads appear when we check our favorite person’s stories and I don’t need to remind you how irritating is this.

But now you have topfollow if not then use our website to make it yours. One advance I forgot to tell you that you can also block chat ads that you see in your messenger feed. So, enjoy Instagram without ads.

How To Collect Coins In Top Follow APK?

First of all, you need a fake account and if you have then you are ready to go. If you don’t have a fake account, create it.

Creating an Instagram account is not rocket science. Let’s jump to the main process. There are two steps to do this. In the two steps, you can earn unlimited coins.

Don’t worry there is no long-term process. Collecting coins by linking other people’s posts and following others. In these two steps, you just need to use topfollow APK.

If you use your normal Instagram you will not get a single coin. You can do both (linking and following) to get more and more coins.

Now you have coins in your fake account that you can use to get real followers for your original account. If you want to know, how you can do this? Follow the guide.

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Pros and Cons of TopFollow APK?


The number one priority is getting 10k+ followers with just one click where you have to struggle if you want to follow other people who are doing really hard to make a decent number of followers.

As I told you before, this app provides fast services as compared to other applications. All the features will convert into benefits and you know it.

While others are dreaming of making 1M followers on Instagram, you are fulfilling this with topfollow. Just think about it. I don’t think, you need more Pros.

If you still don’t have topfollow then use this current page to find out topfollow. This will not take much time. Ta-da!


Every app has its own disadvanced and topfollow is nothing but a third-party app. Number one is that people complain that it’s not a secure system.

Not so many security loopholes but using it for a long time can harm security. Your real account and your fake account use time should be maintained by a good time gap to avoid this issue.

Another disadvantage is not sustained followers. The followers you are getting using topfollow are real but if you are only using this app to increase your followers number then you can see followers decrease.

To keep your followers stuck need to act like a real content creator. If you maintain a content posting schedule where posting reels, stories, and photos are frequent, you will not face this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the request problem in this app?

You can use two ways to solve this issue. The first one is to restart the app. Close the app and then reopen it. If this not solving your issue go for a second process. Go for APP Info and clear data. When you are done, open topfollow and you will find your problem is solved.

How to fix the bad base64 problem?

This is not a big issue. Most users (65%) get this error. To solve this problem you can follow the same process as we have mentioned for bad requests.

Can I use it a lot every day?

To avoid any problems, you should avoid this feature. But if you want to go beyond official limits then you can use but this process can be harmful.

Can we download this app from the Google Play Store?

No, you can’t. If you want to use topfollow then you need to use our website.

How to fix topfollow login problem?

Using wrong information such as password and ID can show you this error. Just you need to type your password and ID properly and you are good to go. If you still have the same issue, open the app info and clear the data and cache. After this process, don’t forget to turn/off airplane mode.


In the online era, getting genuine service is hard. You have already hundreds of other apps that are taking money to give followers.

Not every app asks for money but getting free to download and use which will really give you followers can be a challenging task.

Finding this hard is a problem but using the APK that we have discussed above can solve your Instagram followers issue if followers are your only problem. This app is well-known for increasing real-time followers, likes, and comments.

The guarantee of getting followers by using topfollow is so true. Follow the suggestions, earn coins, and convert them into real followers.

That’s all. So, if you need more followers in a short time, topfollow is your go-to solution. We are assuming you have found this particular post on topfollow helpful.

And hopefully, now you can decide which app you need to choose to gain followers.

Disclaimer is here only for promotional purposes. All the files that you get from our site are placed for introduction purposes only. We collect all the files from different sources and are believed to be “Public Domain”. is not associated with Instagram’s official app by any means. Topfollow is a third-party app. We are here to give you the latest updates, tips and tricks to every creator who isn’t avail to install it from the Google Play Store.